Sodding is a process that’s very popular and widely used these days. It’s the next best alternative to growing grass on your lawn, as it definitely makes the process a whole lot simpler. There will always be advantages and disadvantages to installing sod or planting grass. It all boils down to weighing every detail and making the right choice in the end.

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If you opt for planting seeds, then you should be prepared to wait for the results of your efforts. Everybody knows that grass seeds require a fairly long maturation time. It will take you up to 12 weeks to make your lawn ready for the slightest lawn traffic. If your lawn is newly seeded lawn, then you must wait until the full growing season is over before you can enjoy the mature, dense, and well-established grass that’s durable enough to withstand considerable foot traffic.

Choosing Between Sod and Seeds

It’s not really easy to choose which is best between these two options as both choices are technically poles apart, although they provide the same results. In the end, it really won’t matter which method you chose. You still have to protect the investment you made by making sure that your lawn is in its peak condition at all times.

You still must do what a good gardener would do, which is to nurture grass using the right fertilization process, proper lawn mowing technique, and efficient watering system. Without these three elements, you won’t enjoy the rewards of a well-manicured lawn.

Sod Installation Tips and Tricks

In case you chose sodding over germination, then you have to learn its basic installation maintenance. Below are some tips to get you started with it. You may also consult with sod Pasco experts to get further help.

1. Test your soil.

Good soil is also needed even if chose to lay sod instead of planting seeds. The soil beneath the turf should be nutrient-rich and slightly acidic. Those are the best conditions for the sod so that it will grow beautifully in time. Also, make sure that the entire area is clear of debris prior to sod installation.

2. Install a sprinkler system.

New sod needs lots of water in order to thrive. This is the same for seeds. To ensure that your lawn is getting the water it needs, be sure to invest in a good water sprinkler system. Choose the one that comes with an automatic programmable timer. Do note that you also have to water the soil one to two days before the sod will be laid.

3. Be ready to install.

You have to plan your schedule well if you intend to lay sod on your lawn. The sod should be installed within 24 hours it was delivered to you. Ideally, you have to install it as soon as it arrives in your property. Otherwise, the sod will lose its moisture and the grass will eventually dry. You have to keep the sod moist if you’re not planning to install it right away.